Mission Statement

Over the past century, Theatre Studies have established itself as one of the traditional academic programs taught at three Czech and Moravian Universities. However, study of drama and theatre still represents a minority field which requires a specific concept, organization, leadership and approach.

Key principles & objectives:

  1. Transparent (long-standing) concept
  2. Syncretise a remarkable tradition of theatre and drama studies connected with such scholars as Jan Mukařovský , Václav Černý and others with new perspectives, reflecting contemporary developments in both practical theatre as well as theoretical practices
  3. Open doors for young scholars and new approaches
  4. Dynamic personal constitution
  5. Training of students for subsequent academic activities
  6. Emphasis on research and post-doctoral studies
  7. Wide spectrum of offered courses
  8. Active participation in grant projects
  9. Opened and collaborative relationship with sister departments
  10. International mobility of students and faculty members


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