Prospective Students:

Entrance Exam:
written test and interview (only in Czech)

Current Students:

Bc. Program (equivalent to B.A.)
In Bc. Program, students are introduced to basic methodological approaches of theatre studies. Students are encouraged to appropriate skills necessary for creative and independent articulation of their ideas, opinions and visions. Courses students are required to attend include twentieth-century Czech theatre and drama, selected chapters of foreign theatre cultures, and basic theoretical concepts.

Mgr. Program (equivalent to M.A.)

In the following Mgr. Program, students are encouraged to carry out their own research which results in their thesis. Specialized, thematic courses should broaden students’ theoretical as well as historical knowledge of theatre and drama. Students at this level should be able to work independently as researchers, dramaturges, or reviewers. Students who received Bc. degree at different departments or faculties can submit applications, though, they need to pass an entering interview and prove their knowledge of theatre history and theory comparable to Bc. Program curricula.

Post-gradual Program (Ph.D.)

Post-gradual Program focuses on the specific research into and study of theatre theory and theatre history.

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